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The Association Mozart Italia Terni is pleased to announce the first edition of the Luci Della Ribalta Film Fest, dedicated to Italian and International short films. The entries may be of any genre or theme, run a maximum of 20 minutes and cannot be produced before 2015. The film fest will also be open to music video clips of any genre, which were produced no earlier than 2015.

The Luci Della Ribalta Film Fest will take place during the 7th edition of The International Festival Luci Della Ribalta, dedicated to performing and visual arts.

In fact, this year, the internationally renowned "Luci della ribalta" Festival (over 20 internationally renowned teachers and about 150 students from all over the world) has decided to open up to dance, cinema and theater.

For this purpose, the section dedicated to cinema, "Luci Della Ribalta Film Fest", aims to enhance independent filmmaking, privileging young authors, new languages ​​and, in a particular way, the fusion of different arts especially cinema and music.

Without forgetting the musical nature of the Festival, a section dedicated to music video clips has been created, as well as the special Renato Chiesa "Music and Pictures Award", dedicated to the late composer who passed away before his time. Narni's connection with fantasy genre also inspired the creation of the "Short Fantasy" section.

The International Festival "Luci Della Ribalta" will take place from August 11th to 28th in the beautiful setting of the medieval town of Narni (TR) in Umbria. This festival has been realized in collaboration with the Municipality of Narni and the Carit Foundation, and is sponsored by the Region of Umbria, the province of Terni, the municipalities of Terni and Sangemini, the Terni Chamber of Commerce, the Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg and Forum for Austrian culture,

The festival will feature a large variety of musical, theatrical, cinematographic and dance events. In addition, like every year, there will be a section dedicated to masterclasses.

The final evening, including the award ceremony and projection of the finalist short films and video clips, will be on August 26, 2017.

A commission appointed by the Artistic Director of the Festival will meet for the selection of the works

This panel of experts will evaluate and judge the selected works and award the following prizes:

· BEST SHORT FILM (INTERNATIONAL SECTION), which will consist of a cash prize of EUR 300 and a plaque.

· BEST VIDEOCLIP, which will consist of a cash prize of EUR 100 and a plaque.

· RENATO CHIESA SPECIAL AWARD "MUSIC AND PICTURES", which will be awarded for the best soundtrack in a Short Film or for the best use of images in the service of music in a classic music video clip and will consist of a cash prize of EUR 150 and a plaque.

· BEST FANTASY SHORT FILM, which will consist of a plaque.

In addition, the second and third place entrants of the "Short International" section will be awarded with a plaque.

For the 6 winners of the film fest, accommodation costs in the city of Narni for the night of the awards ceremony will be covered.

The committee will consist of prominent members of the Italian and international film and music scene. The prizes will be awarded according to their judgment, which will not be subject to appeal.

The registration will cost 18 euros for the short international section (15 euros for videomaking schools), 7 euros for the short fantasy section and 10 euros for the videoclip section. In addition, there will be discounted rates for registrations received by June 13, 2017.

Applications must be sent by 15 July 2017 to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via dedicated portals.

Amounts paid include the compulsory membership fee for registration at the Mozart Italia Association of Terni.

Reimbursement of the registration fee is only required if the organization decides to cancel the competition for causes independent of the participants' will.

The organization is not liable for any damage to persons and things that may occur during the entire duration of the Festival.

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