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Umbria region and in particular the splendid city of Narni will be also this year,  from 11th to 28th August,  the backdrop for our International Festival “Luci della Ribalta”, and International Masterclasses Narni, organized by the Associazione Mozart Italia Sede di Terni, affiliate to the prestigious Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum of Salzburg, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Narni and the Fondazione Carit. 

2016 edition is remarkable for great results and particularly encouraging numbers: 29 countries were involved, including Italy and students came from all five continents; more than 150 students participated, over twenty professors taught and, with students, staff, artists, and guests, there were more than 250 people who came to and stayed in Narni for this festival.

The 7th International Masterclasses confirms as an important International Meeting point for young and talented musicians from all around the world with renown teachers and famous artists performing worldwide, with plenty of possibilities for all the students both to participate to high level Masterclasses and perform as soloists, chamber music ensamble and orchestra.

The 2016 edition of the Festival, will be remembered, in particular, for the large number of events, about 41, that were offered to the public free of admission.  The extraordinary quality of the events was deeply appreciated by the public which, other than the inhabitants of Narni, also saw a constant influx of tourists and spectators from the Province of Terni, the neighboring zones of Umbria, Abruzzo, Tuscany and even from Rome.  The presence of many foreigners at the festival was also notable. Citizens of over 20 countries participated in the festival, including the musical professors, their students, their families and people who were simply passionate about music, and didn’t want to miss the spectacle.

As in the past, the 7th International Festival Luci della Ribalta, Program Schedule will have not only music as protagonist, but also arts, culture and entertainment, with seminars, exhibitions, conferences and special events.

Also, an important development this year is that the International Festival, in cooperation of Municipalities of Terni, Narni and Amelia,  will be including these cities, offering a greater audience, recognition and public participation to an event which has been in constant growth through the years. 

This year the Association Mozart Italia Terni is also pleased to announce the first edition of the Luci Della Ribalta Film Fest, dedicated to Italian and International short films

In fact, this year, the internationally renowned "Luci della ribalta" Festival has decided to open up to dance, cinema and theater.

For this purpose, the section dedicated to cinema, "Luci Della Ribalta Film Fest", aims to enhance independent filmmaking, privileging young authors, new languages​​and, in a particular way, the fusion of different arts especially cinema and music.

Without forgetting the musical nature of the Festival, a section dedicated to music video clips has been created, as well as the special Renato Chiesa "Music and Pictures Award", dedicated to the late composer who passed away before his time. Narni's connection with fantasy genre also inspired the creation of the "Short Fantasy" section.

From the 25th to the 27th August there will be a series of projections of short films and video clips in the numerous and suggestive locations in the medieval town of Narni.The final evening, including the award ceremony and projection of the finalist short films and video clips, will be on August 26, 2017.

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