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Madlen Stokic Vasiljevic

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Mrs. Madlen Stokić-Vasiljević, Ph.D. was born in Belgrade. She graduated at the Strings Department, violin, in the class of Professor Dejan Mihailović at the FoM - Faculty of Music, the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. She ranges as one of acknowledged representatives of younger generation of violinists who work and perform in Serbia and throughout world countries.

The critics have recognized her as an exceptional violinist, always ready to perform different works in wide range of various musical styles and forms, and her rich artistic work has been always warmly received by the audience. Her main field of interest lies in solo performances, but throughout years she was the concertmaster of numerous prominent orchestras performing without the guidance of a conductor, and has developed a very delicate sense for chamber music. She used to be a long-standing member of Belgrade string orchestra “Dusan Skovran” and had such honor of performing next to Nigel Kennedy, Nikolai Arlnold Petrov, Vladmir Ashkenazy, Simon Trpcevski, Emmanuel Pahud, Michael Kofler and others. Madlen had performed in many countries in Europe and Asia.

One of her many recordings, the CD with violin sonatas by two famous Serbian composers have been presented at the informal part of the Venetian Biennale. She has recorded numerous musical works ranging from Baroque period to contemporary music for Radio and TV Belgrade. She has participated at several international Music Festivals and was awarded with many national and international prizes for violin and chamber music.

Her great interest in modern music gives her opportunity to appear with premiers of many musical works by contemporary authors. Many Serbian authors have dedicated their works to her and her trio “Pokret”, which was awarded the prize “Concert of the Year”.

Musical critics of Serbian Daily Newspapers rendered their view on mastery of Madlen Stokić-Vasiljević as the violinist: „... one must speak of a marvelous talent, of great power, lush temperament, irresistible play… and the enthusiasm that has encroached on us” (Politika Ekspres, May 16, 1994); „... in Vitali’s Chaconne, the evening paramount, she possessed the harmony and grandeur of the Duomo of Milan” (Borba, May 14, 2000); „...filled with superb musicianship and exceptional performer’s power…” (Politika, June 15, 2006).

The students under mentorship of Mrs. Madlen Stokić-Vasiljević have received a number of prizes at International Competitions, such as “Rudolfo Lipizer”, “Jeunesse Musicales” Belgrade, etc. Appointed by Serbian Ministry of Education, she has given lectures on violin entry exams to the Faculties of Music in Serbia. Mrs. Stokić is also the member of a number of local and international juries. Being invited by ESTA (European String Teachers Association), she has lectured the Master Class in Violin in 2017.

Nowadays, Mrs. Madlen Stokić-Vasiljević is Associate Professor and lectures the violin and teaching methods in violin at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Serbia.

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