Luci della Ribalta International MasterclassFilm Fest

Narni 11-28 AUGUST 2017

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It is with great joy and pride, but also with trepidation, that we announce the go-ahead for the seventh edition of the Masterclasses of Narni 2017. I have many ideas and hopes for continuing to improve the quality of this festival, which have matured on the foundations of the positive experiences of years past, especially regarding the involvement and valuation of the enchanting spaces of the city of Narni, which generously hosts us.
Even if the structure of the courses will remain the same as in the previous editions, this year there will be important improvements, and the organizational work for this year’s festival has been forging ahead since January. Already 30 professors have enthusiastically confirmed their participation and to these others will be added, always maintaining the highest levels of talent and professionalism. Through the course of the years, an authentic relationship of friendship has grown among the participants in the Masterclasses, based not only on professional respect, but also on the sharing of our way of conceiving the relationship between professor and student. This is based around a particular attention to the students’ artistic growth, and also a great respect for their capacity to get involved, placing the Masterclasses of Narni among the best of these events on the international level.
For all of us, then, a fundamental element of the success of the Masterclasses is represented by the location of the courses within the suggestive and welcoming historic center of Narni, where it is possible to move around and get together easily and quickly without any logistical problems. There would, of course, be a need for more classrooms and possibly a larger space for the open air concert and I truly hope to be able to work out the best solutions to these questions in collaboration with the municipal administration of Narni.  The other scholarships of the festival have also been confirmed, beginning with the first and fundamental scholarship of the Province of Terni, along with the scholarship dedicated to the memory of Renato Chiesa .
To conclude, I wouldn’t be completely sincere if I didn’t give some voice to my economic worries about the Masterclasses. The Masterclasses have grown, as have the costs of presenting them and the economic crisis, which has unfortunately affected our administration, too, has not helped the situation. Now more than ever we need the attention and collaboration of the inhabitants, institutions and companies of the region .
Once again, I, on behalf of the International Masterclasses, would like to take this opportunity to officially thank the mayor of Narni, Dr. Francesco De Rebotti, the cultural assessor, Dr. Gianni Giombolini, and the cultural director Dr. Andreina Santicchia. The Masterclasses, organized by the Associazione Mozart Italia Sede di Terni (with the partnership of the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg), have grown in the best of ways through our collaboration with the city of Narni. I would also like to thank the president of the CARIT foundation, Dr. Mario Fornaci, for his help with this growth and for the important support which has permitted us to carry our work forward. Thanks also go to the President of Regione Umbria Dott.ssa Marini and the cultural assessor Fernanda Cecchini,the president of the chamber of commerce, Dr. Giuseppe Flamini and the president of the Province of Terni, Dr. Giampiero Lattanzi.
I wait in hope that other sponsors, in light of the successes of our initiative, will also make themselves available to offer a contribution in spite of the crisis, which has made life more difficult for all of us. Many thanks also go out, natually, to our students, who represent the future of music, to our wonderful professors and to all of the city of Narni.

Yuen Sung Lee, in arts Anaïs Lee
President of the Associazione Mozart Italia
Sede di Terni


Fondazione della Cassa di Risparmio di Terni e Narni welcomed with pleasure for the 7th year already, the request of support sent by Associazione Mozart Italia sede di Terni, for the realization of the 7th International Masterclasses in Narni for 2017.
The 7th International Masterclasses has been confirmed to be of great interest for the Board of Directors of the Fondazione, who granted support to the initiative, thanks to its high cultural, educational and artistic level.
Fondazione Carit, since its birth in 1992, has always promoted and valorized educational programs devoted to improvement of young professionals to advantage them in work placement.
Young musicians taking part to the International Masterclasses organized by Associazione Mozart Italia sede di Terni, will have the chance to study with great Professors coming from the best Italian and international music institutions and performing in many concerts worldwide with the most famous orchestra.
The high level of the Professors will be the privilege at disposal of the participant students, which we hope to be in great number, in a historic and artistic setting offered by the city of Narni, important centre of Umbria culture.

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Terni e Narni
The President
Luigi Carlini



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