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Shalom Budeer

freccia2 Shalom Budeer

Shalom Budeer, born in Russia, began his studies at the age of seven years at the Conservatory of Music.
He later won the entrance examination 'Academy in Moscow where he graduated with honors under the guidance of the famous teacher J. Jankilevich. In 1974 he moved to Israel, where he studied with the renowned M° J. Kless. In 1976 he won the competition of the Academy of Tel-Aviv, performing the concert num 1.of Prokofiev. He later won the selection chamber orchestra of Tel-Aviv, where he worked until his departure for Italy (in 1979), where he still resides.
In these years he is sidekick to the first violins in the Opera Theatre of Rome and has played under the guidance of the most famous conductors such as Meta, Masel, Pretre, Patane, Gavazzeni, De Fabritis, Oren, Muti and many others.
It was one of the founders of the International Chamber Orchestra, where he made the first violin.
He made numerous recordings for RAI, RCA, EDIPAN.
From 1989 to 1991 he held master classes in violin in Montefiascone. Later he was invited as a Professor to conduct international courses to Orense in Spain.

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