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It is not by pure chance that the national office of the Association is located in Rovereto, where it has been active for 20 years, since it was exactly here in a noble palace that a youthful Mozart gave his first concert. The area, then part of the Hasburg Empire, was well-known in Austria for several reasons: the Lodron family, highly influential in Salzburg circles, came from the area around Roverto and the lower Trentino was much appreciated in Austria for its favorable climate in the area surrounding Riva del Garda as well as for the very special wine produced there. It is not accidental that Marzemino is expressly mentioned in “Don Giovanni”.

Today in the principal cities of Italy there are numerous Mozart Association branches and they are found in still greater numbers in the most important centers of Europe, with off-shoots also in Saint Petersburg and in Japan. The new Terni branch is run autonomously, while maintaining close ties with all these other branches. The last meeting of all the European representatives took place in Salzburg at the end of January, coinciding with the birthday of the musician.

Everything begins, naturally, in the city of Mozart, that is from the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, the foundation which sponsors us and which, in return, requires that we honor a commitment to seriousness in our programs and quality in their execution. A significant presence of the work of the genius of Salzburg must be a mark of every initiative undertaken (concerts, meetings, shows, exhibits, etc), without however precluding the presence of other works consistent with this. This has been evident in the case of each of the three concerts offered thus far: the inaugural concert, with music by Bruch and Schumann, that of February 11th, with works by Weber, Schumann and Grieg and that of May 19th with music by Mozart, Bach and Schubert.

L'Associazione Mozart Italia di Terni has jurisdiction over the entire region of Umbria, with the sole exception of Assisi, which has been managed autonomously for many years. The Association is a non-profit organization, which supports itself - at least for day-to-day expenses - through membership fees. However, it needs contributions from both public and private corporations in order to live and offer a contribution of high-quality to the cultural life of Terni. It has already received the sponsorship of the Region of Umbria, the Province and City of Terni, the Township of Narni and the Terni Chamber of Commerce, as well as that of the Dioceses of Terni, Narni and Amelia.

The purpose of all the Mozart Associations is to safeguard, spread and keep alive what is probably the most brilliant musical presence in the entire history of music in every area of composing. In a country inattentive to culture and music, as is modern-day Italy, we feel that every proposal in this direction will be welcomed. A large part of the population, particularly among young people, are cut off – often not by choice – from the values represented by a music such as that of Mozart which still does not show signs of aging after more than two centuries. Television and in some cases organs of information, engulfed by the media, by unbridled publicity and by the overturning of human values, offer a musical panorama which in most cases is culturally desolate.

The Association has already moved to enrich the music scene in Terni with three concerts, all received to critical and public acclaim. The first two concerts were the inaugural concert with the Trio Résonances (Calogero Palermo, Nicolas Bone and Mimi Solomon) on December 3rd and 'Incantamento e Amore' on February 11th, offered within this year's Valentinian Festival. This latter concert featured the Orchestra Musiches Gymnasium di Salzburg directed by Markus Obereder and the clarinetist Aron Chiesa. The last concert in our program was 'Il Violino Magico di Deniz' (Deniz's Magic Violin) on May 19th, featuring two young, talented musicians: the Turkish violinist Deniz Tahberer and the Israeli pianist Ammiel Bushakevitz. Moreover, l'Associazione Mozart Italia di Terni, together with the township of Narni, is offering a series of Masterclasses to be held by world-famous maestri in Narni from August 16th to 22nd . These will culminate in a series of student-teacher concerts to be offered in various venues throughout this medieval town.

L'Associazione Mozart sede di Terni is convinced that it can offer a special and exclusive cultural and musical contribution to the city of Terni, together with those musical associations which have long been active in the area. Our desire is to work in harmony with them, in the prospect of an eventual future collaboration.

Finally, L'Associazione Mozart Italia sede di Terni intends to offer space to those townships which would like to join our venture with regard to the tourist and hotel trade or promotional aspect (for example, for wine and oil), assuring them that their names will appear on all the numerous european and international sites of the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum.



ANAIS LEEAfter having brilliantly terminated her studies and earned her diploma at the St. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, she participated in a series of internships and Masterclasses with Jolanda Magnoni, Maria Carbone, Gabriele Tuzzi (Indiana University), Paul Spani (Zurich Opera), Mietta Sighele (MusicRiva Festival). She debued in 1989 in the role of Violetta in La Traviata at Sejong Theater in Seoul. A finalist in the International Competition held in Enna (1993) and winner of the “Voce Nuove” competition at the Experimental Theater in Spoleto (1994), she was the leading singer in two world premieres at the Caio Melisso Theater in Spoleto: Ligea by Augusta Read Thomas and Anacleto Morones by Victor Rasgado, this latter staged by Ronconi and with Taverna as musical director. That same year at the Florence Teatro Comunale she was the lead female voice in a modern staging of Piccinni's Bella Verità also featuring Daniella Barcelona. In the period from 1990 to 2010 she made numerous recordings of contemporary music for Rai-Italian Radio and Television Network and sang both in various chamber ensembles and as a solist. She has been a member of the Nehar Shalom Ensemble since 1998, together with Calogero Palermo, Andrea Bergamelli and Tonino Riolo, offering a series of absolute firsts, among which have been Circles by Mark Kopytman and a chamber music version of Iz yevreskoi narodnol poezil by Shostakovich. As part of a trio, with clarinet and piano, she has mainly proposed the romantic repertory (Schubert, Spohr, Meyerbeer). Together with the Nehar Shalom Ensemble she has sung several times on the special occasion of the Day of Remembrance of the Shoah and on live TV for The Bible, Night and Day, from the Church of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem. During the past few years, she has successfully taken on important solist roles in various Italian theaters, appearing as the lead singer in Teshuvah at the Abbey of S. Lorenzo in Trento for the Festival Silence and Listening. In addition she participated in the 2004 edition Telethon concerts and, in the past ten years, she has had a role in important tournées in Germany (Hannover), Japan (Tokyo) and Australia (Sydney). Anais Lee is the President of Associazione Mozart Italia sede di Terni, since 2010, the year of its establishment, with the patronage of Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg.





President and Artistic Director
YUEN SUNG LEE, artistic name: ANAIS LEE

Vice President


The positions of President, Artistic Director and Counsellor’s Board Member are non-remunerated voluntary positions.

Anais Lee was nominated President and Artistic Director of the Associazione Mozart Italia Sede di Terni according to the wish of the founding assembly of the Associazione on the 17th of November, 2010 and by the director’s board on the 4th of July, 2011.


Anaïs Lee, President and Artistic Director

Marinella Santarelli, Vice-President

Daniele D'Angelo, Head of Administration

Andreina Santicchia, Organizational Coordinator

Maria Serena Tait, Press Office

Ambra Arcangeli, Graphic Design (Castiglia Associati)

Silvia Mastrodonato, Graphic and Web Design

Franca Fabietti, Accountant

Romana Gaito, Legal Consultant

Annabella Calabrese, Assistant to the President and secretary

Roberta Bacci, Assistant to the President and secretary

Camilla Giantomasso, secretary

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